Rental information

What driver’s licence do I need to rent a vehicle?

SIXT recognises all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian driver's licences and current overseas licences.

Accepted driver's licences must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental, and must not be expired. Should the valid driver's licence be in another language or have no photo SIXT will accept a certified translation in English or an International driver's permit.

Should the licence not have a photo, an International Driving Permit must accompany it.

  • Any vehicle that holds more than 12 people requires an LR licence
  • Any vehicle larger than a 3 tonne truck requires an MR licence
  • Any vehicle that holds more than 21 people requires an MR licence
  • Any vehicle that is a 8 tonne truck or larger requires a HR licence

How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

All renters must be aged at least 21 years old at the commencement of the rental. Any renters aged 21 to 24 inclusive (whether the main or additional driver) incur an age surcharge per day, and can access our standard range of vehicles. Ultimate Protection (UP) is not available to drivers in this age group.

What’s my responsibility when renting a SIXT vehicle?

From the time you collect your vehicle, you and any nominated driver noted on the rental agreement, are financially responsible for any loss of damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including hailstorms. You and any additional drivers noted on the rental agreement are also bound by SIXT's standard Terms & Conditions as agreed to when signing your Rental Agreement upon collection.

What’s the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Do you offer any long term rental discounts?

We do! The rates on our website do vary depending on the length of rental you are quoting. In simple terms, the longer you need a vehicle for, the cheaper the rate.

Call our contact centre on 13 SIXT (+61 2 8337 2700) if you are in need of a rental for more than 30 days, so we can provide you on a longer term rental rate. Or, enquire about long term leasing online

Does SIXT offer one-way rentals?

SIXT operates a national network in order to allow flexible traveling, however the rates for one-way rentals can vary between locations, as there is often a One-Way Fee.

Simply select the location and vehicle you wish to book at to see if one-way rentals are available for your journey to see if one-way rentals are available between your preferred locations, or call our contact center on 13 SIXT (+61 2 8337 2700) to check for participating locations for your preferred route and request a quote.

Can anyone other than myself drive the car?

Only approved drivers noted on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive a SIXT vehicle. Upon collection of your vehicle, each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and they must present their drivers licence at time of collection.

Each additional driver will be charged $5.50 (including GST) per rental day capped at a maximum of $27.50 per 30 day rental period. The Additional Driver Fee is subject to the Admin Fee and Premium Location Surcharge where applicable.

Some Corporate rate customers, and Auto Club members are exempt from the Additional Driver Fee.  

Can I tow using a SIXT vehicle?

No, a SIXT Vehicle cannot be used to tow or push anything. This is included in our Terms and Conditions and using our vehicles for this purpose is considered a breach of your responsibilities when renting.

Can I drive my vehicle off road?

No, all non 4WD vehicles are not permitted to travel on unsealed roads. There are some exceptions for 4WD's outlined below, which are detailed in SIXT's standard Terms and Conditions. Please read these, in conjunction with the below if you are planning to visit any remote areas of Australia with your SIXT vehicle. It is recommended you speak with your preferred pickup location - Our staff know the local areas well, and can let you know if any conditions apply on your planned routes or destinations.

In Western Australia, 4WD's are permitted to travel on unsealed government gazetted roads. If vehicles are travelling interstate or into remote areas, prior written approval by SIXT must be given. Travelling into some areas of Western Australia require National Park passes - these can be purchased from the Perth Tourist Centre.

In South Australia & Kangaroo Island, 4WD vehicles can be used on gazetted unsealed roads. Travelling into some areas of the South Australian outback may involve the need for a Desert Pass permit. All vehicles are permitted to travel to Kangaroo Island if collected from a corporate location only, and conditions apply when transporting SIXT vehicles by Ferry.

In QLD, vehicles may travel to Cooktown from Cairns Airport, Cairns City and Port Douglas locations only. Please note some travel via the Bloomfield Track, Gulf Track, Peninsula Developmental Road and Telegraph Track is not permitted and conditions apply when travelling in these areas.

SIXT allows selected 4WD's to be driven on Morton and Stradbroke Islands on application. Please note that conditions and special liability charges apply for Island travel in this region.

In the northern regions of Australia, there is no reduced liability option for 4WD vehicles when travelling on the Tanami Track, Canning Stock Route, Gulf Track, Cape York Peninsula Track and Mitchell Plateau.

Any damage sustained to SIXT's vehicle as a result of a collision with an animal in remote areas between sunset and sunrise are not covered under any of SIXT’s Damage Protection Options. All damages & recovery costs are the responsibility of the renter.

Any damage to overhead, under-carriage, or damage caused by water is not covered by any damage liabilities and are the responsibility of the renter. Beach travel in SIXT vehicles is not permitted, inclusive of any beaches in the Broome region.

Unauthorised entry into aboriginal lands, or breach of any permit regulations result in breach of SIXT's standard Terms & Conditions, and any damage protection options (including standard) does not apply.  

Can I extend the rental duration?

Extending the rental duration may be possible at time of check out or during the rental itself. You can call us between 7am - 11pm AEST on 13 SIXT (+61 2 8337 2700) or visit the nearest location to request an extension. Any request for extension is subject to vehicle availability and successful payment of extension period in advance.

I have feedback about the service I received during my last rental. Who can I speak to about this?

If you would like to provide your feedback the best way to provide this is to visit the Contact Us section of the website and complete the Feedback form. Our Customer Service team will then be in touch to address your comments.

Does SIXT accept digital/electronic licences?

SA now gives licence holders the option to use an electronic licence, whilst NSW and SA now accept digital license holders. Please bring your physical licence with you when collecting your vehicle.

What if I am going to the snow?

The Australian snow season runs from 30 June to the October long weekend. Some SIXT vehicles are permitted to be driven above the snow line which is defined as the entry to a national park where snow chains are required to be carried. In order to drive your SIXT vehicle above the snow line you are required to purchase Snow Pass. Please select this online option if travelling during this period. Snow Pass can also be purchased at the time of vehicle collection. Visit our Snow Pass page for more information.

Can I add an additional driver after I’ve already collected my vehicle?

Yes you can. Additional Drivers can be added at any time during your Rental and at any SIXT location, but as the main driver, you’ll also need to attend to re-sign the Rental Agreement.

Can you add a new driver over phone?

Unfortunately not. As it’s a change to your Rental Agreement we need to make sure you agree on paper to any changes, and any associated charges if they apply.