Electric Vehicle Rental

Rent an electric vehicle with SIXT

At SIXT, we know electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of motoring. Boasting one of the largest fleets of EVs for rent in Australia, we’re embracing the change to eco-friendly and sustainable driving.

And, we’re excited to help Australians navigate this transition to a cleaner future. Our customers can feel peace of mind as they drive their SIXT EV, because we’re owned by NRMA, who are leading Australia’s research, policy, and investment in EV infrastructure.

SIXT customers:

  • Can access the largest fast charger network in Australia
  • Are given a full tutorial before leaving the branch
  • Get free charging from Chargefox
  • Can return their vehicle without full charge
  • Receive NRMA roadside assistance with all rentals
  • Will absolutely love our huge fleet of EVs

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We currently have 4 models of EVs in our fleet for you to hire – the MG ZS EV,  the Tesla Model 3, the Hyundai Ioniq EV and the Hyundai Kona EV.

hyundai ioniq 4d weiss 2019 elektro

Hyundai Ioniq EV

Tesla Model 3 Car Rental

Tesla Model 3

hyundai kona 5d schwarz 2019 elektro

Hyundai Kona EV

MG HS Car Rental


Popular locations to rent an EV

We are always expanding out EV network as we slowly move away from petrol engines.

Currently, you can book an EV from:  

  • Sydney Airport
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Canberra Airport
  • Brisbane Airport
  • Perth Airport


We’ve heard all the concerns around range anxiety and lack of charging points, but we can help make journeys long and short just that little bit easier. We suggest downloading the PLUGSHARE app for routes and charging stations, and of course, our friendly staff will happily give a full tutorial and help answer any questions you may have at pick up.

Only one question remains – which EV do you want to try first?


EV vehicle charging

Why would I drive an EV?

  1. Reduced fuel costs
  2. Lower maintenance costs
  3. Reduced air pollution (with associated health benefits)
  4. An improved driving experience
  5. Greenhouse gas emissions can be eliminated if EVs are charged using renewable energy
  6. They are fun, and use latest technology

How far can electric vehicles travel on a single charge?

Until recently, one of the biggest limitations of electric cars was range. Now, in Australia, you can access electric cars that can travel more than 500km on a single charge. Because most Australians live in cities and have an average daily commute of around 35km, EVs have more than enough range for the vast majority of users without needing to recharge.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

This varies depending on the type of car and charger. Plugging in at home using a regular wall socket is the slowest method, but an EV will reach full charge overnight. A public DC fast charger, however, can provide most EVs with 80 per cent capacity in around 30 minutes.

What is 'range anxiety'?

Range anxiety refers to a driver’s concern that they won’t have enough charge to get home or to the next charging station. With better batteries delivering increased range and more public electric chargers being installed, this is becoming less of a problem.

How can I find other places to charge my vehicle?

There are a range of free websites and apps including PlugShare that can be used to find alternative public charging stations near you. www.plugshare.com

How fast do EVs go?

Electric cars can be very fast as their torque is delivered almost instantly. Way back in 1899, an electric car broke the 100km/h speed barrier with a top speed of 105km/h. Today, the Hyundai Kona EV can accelerate as fast as its turbo-petrol equivalent, and the Tesla Model S can do 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds – much faster than most supercars.

How much charge do I need?

You should typically allow for around 5-6km per kWh of charge. As with internal combustion engine vehicles, efficiency depends on driving behaviour and conditions. Please refer to your vehicle's documentation for more specific information

How much does it cost to charge my vehicle?

SIXT customers using a Tesla will not pay for any charging done on the Tesla, NRMA or Chargefox network. SIXT customers using an MG will not pay for any charging done on the NRMA or Chargefox network.

For any other network, please check the prices, on that networks app or in Plugshare app.

If a SIXT customer uses these networks, they are responsible for the charge.

Will I be charged if I stay connected to a charger once my car is charged?

Yes in most cases you will. This is called an idle fee. You are encouraged to unplug and move the vehicle from its charging space once you are charged, to allow for another use to access. Idle fees will be listed in the charging information in the Plugshare app.

I'm nervous, is driving an EV the same as a petrol car?

An EV drives just like a normal car, only powered by electricity in the form of the battery.

At SIXT we will walk you through the car before leaving the lot to make sure you are comfortable with the experience.

Below you’ll find video user guides for Tesla and MG

Tesla video user guide
MG video user guide