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Peace of mind protection products

At SIXT, we know that sometimes things go wrong. To help we have already included protection (Standard Loss Damage Waiver) that reduces your damage recovery fee to $4,950 for passenger vehicles and $5,500 for 4WDs and all commercials. But, why spoil a great journey with unforeseen costs? SIXT’s Peace of Mind Protection Products below have you covered.

Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Protection (Super Top Cover LDW) reduces your Damage Recovery Fee to $0, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your travels. If you return a vehicle in a damaged state, you will not be liable for the cost of repair, known as the damage recovery fee, and receive cover for tyre, windscreen and hail damage.

Ultimate Protection is capped at 10 days per 30 day rental e.g. if you rent for 14 days you will only pay for 10 days worth of Ultimate Protection. This product is available at selected locations and makes protection more cost effective when renting for longer.

Premium Protection

Still want peace of mind but need a more cost effective solution, look no further than SIXT’s Premium Protection (Top Cover LDW). Premium Protection reduces your Damage Recovery Fee significantly. This daily fee varies between different passenger and commercial fleet vehicles, and can often vary between locations.


  • If you rent passenger car, the damage recovery fee will reduce from $4,950 to $880.
  • If you rent a 4WD, the damage recovery fee will reduce $5,500 to $1,100.
  • If you rent truck, van or bus, the damage recovery fee will reduce from $5,500 to $1,100.

As these may vary, contact our friendly team or refer to these details when booking online.

Single Vehicle Accident recovery fee:

If you are the only party involved in an accident, or an incident involves a parked car, a Single Vehicle Accident fee of $2,200 will apply, unless renting a passenger or 4WD from a metro location.

Additional Roadside Assistance - Recovery Plus Protection

Lost keys? Flat battery? Run out of fuel? Need towing or a tyre change? SIXT also offers additional Roadside Protection products for purchase at selected locations to cover you for roadside callouts for at-fault incidents. When purchased, Recovery Plus Protection is made to ensure you're not out of pocket on such occasions.

Compare your options

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Protection options can be added during the booking process. You can also choose your protection options when you pick up your rental vehicle.

Conditions and some exclusions do apply. Please refer to our Rental Terms and Conditions for more information.