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Perth commercial vehicles
Perth Truck Hire

Perth truck rental

Whether you're moving houses or carrying a heavy load, our booming commercial fleet has the vehicle for you - hire a truck, ute, bus or van stress-free in Perth with SIXT.

SIXT commercial vehicles Perth offers:

Convenient central location

Extensive fleet of commercial vehicles, including mine-spec options

Great value on ute, van, bus, 4WD, truck and tip truck hire

Commercial vehicle hire in Perth

Perth is a commercial hub, with large industrial and residential projects taking place throughout the city. Use SIXT and our latest-model utes, trucks and vans for your next commercial project.

Visiting Perth for leisure? Whether you’re here for a day or a week, you won't have any problems filling your time with adventures - and Perth City is the perfect starting point. Surrounding Perth is some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and a remarkable array of wildlife.

Rent a 4WD and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just over two hours north of Perth is The Pinnacles. A moonscape of natural limestone structures formed 25,000 years ago. Drive through this mysterious, colourful desert and keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos and emus. You can couple this trip with a visit to Yanchep National Park - a network of limestone caves as well as gorges, coastal wetlands and hiking trails.

Looking for a smaller car?