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Australia - Passenger vehicle

General Rental Information

The below is a summary only. Please read this page together with the Booking Terms and Conditions and the Rental Terms and Conditions which can be found at

Important documents

The renter and all approved drivers must present and be in possession of a full, valid, unrestricted driver's license and for car hires in Australia customers need to present a valid credit card.

International renters/drivers also need to present a valid passport. Additionally, international renters will also need one of the following:
- A photo licence written in English, OR
- A photo licence with a NATII certified translation, OR
- An International Driver Permit.

Your driver licence must be a non-provisional driver licence that is current for the entire period the rental and is valid for the class of vehicle you are renting.

Please note:
- Any vehicle that holds more than 12 people requires an LR licence
- Any vehicle larger than a 3 tonne truck requires an MR licence
- Any vehicle that holds more than 21 people requires an MR licence
- Any vehicle that is a 8 tonne truck or larger requires a HR licence

Age Restrictions

In Australia, the following rule apply for the minimum age:

Minimum Age License Requirements Car Category
21 License held for 1 day All vehicle classes not mentioned below
25 License held for 1 day IFAE, PDAE, PDAR, LDAR, PFAR, RFAR, DDAR, JDAR

A surcharge applies for drivers under 25 years.

Tariff information


The following methods of payment are accepted by Sixt in Australia. Any method of payment that is not mentioned below cannot be accepted.

Credit cards

The following credit cards are accepted: all credit cards from internationally recognised credit card companies - including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners und JCB. All credit cards must be in the main renter's name.

Debit cards

Visa, Mastercard Debit cards are accepted however a higher security deposit will be payable.

All debit cards must be in the main renter's name. This must be presented at the time of vehicle pick-up and be valid at this time. The credit card must be valid at least 30 days after the end of the rental agreement. Card processing fees apply.

A Credit Card Fee occurs.
- Visa: 1.10%
- MasterCard: 1.10%
- Diners: 3.29%
- American Express: 3.00%
- JCB: 3.00%

Checks are not accepted.
Cash Payment is not accepted.

Security Deposit

A deposit is payable on your credit card of AUD 200.-- up to a maximum of AUD 1,100.-- dependant on car type and renting location, as security for any incidental charges. The deposit amount is immediately debited from the cardholder's bank account and is held by us until the Rental Agreement is terminated and all rental charges are cleared. If there is no new damage on the rented vehicle at the time of drop off, the deposit is released in full. Depending on your financial institution, this may take approximately 2-5 days once we have processed this refund.

Protection conditions

Third Party Insurance (TI)

Vehicles include compulsory Third Party insurance which covers personal injuries. For property damage refer to Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).

Loss Damage Waiver (incl. theft protection) (LDW)

Under the standard Loss Damage Waiver (Standard LDW) your liability in the event of an accident for certain types of vehicle and property damage and vehicle loss is limited to the Damage Recovery Fee (DRF). The Single Vehicle Accident Fee (SVAF) will also apply when renting from some locations in the event of a single vehicle accident (see further details below). You can reduce the DRF and or SVAF by purchasing additional damage protection. Some damage is excluded from the Loss Damage Waiver and you will need to pay more than the DRF and SVAF. (Please see summary of exclusions below.):

Standard LDW (included in rate) Premium Protection (Top Cover LDW) Ultimate Protection (Super Top Cover LDW)
Passenger vehicles (Sedans & SUVs) DRF: AUD 4,950.-- (SVAF: 2,200.-- if applicable) DRF: AUD 880.-- (SVAF: 2,200.-- if applicable) DRF: AUD 0.-- (SVAF: AUD 0.--)
Commercial vehicles (Utes, Busses, Trucks & 4WDs) AUD 5,500.-- AUD 1,100.-- Not available
Protection for hail and lightning damage Not included Not included Includes protection for damage caused by hail and lightning
Protection for damage to the windscreen, wheels and tyres Not included Not included Includes protection for damage to the windscreen, wheels and tyres

Single Vehicle Accident Fee (SVAF)

A Single Vehicle Accident Fee (SVAF) applies in addition to the DRF in the event of a Single Vehicle Accident when renting a passenger vehicle from non-metro locations and at all locations for commercial vehicles. A Single Vehicle Accident is an accident which does not involve another vehicle or which involves another vehicle which was stationary at the time of the accident.

Exclusions to Loss Damage Waiver (summary)

The Loss Damage Waiver will not apply and the renter will be responsible for all loss and damage in the event of an exclusion (as set out in the rental agreement). Exclusions to Loss Damage Waiver include a breach of the terms of the rental agreement, use of incorrect fuel type, overhead or undercarriage damage, damage to accessories, water inundation damage and, unless you have purchased our Maximum LDW protection product, damage to the windscreen, wheels and tyres and damage caused by hail or lightening.

Please refer to Section 13 of the rental terms and conditions which form part of your rental agreement for a full list of exclusions to the Loss Damage Waiver. The current standard rental terms can be accessed here:

Roadside Assistance and Protection (BC)

Roadside Assistance is provided free of charge for inherent mechanical faults in the vehicle but fees and charges apply for all other faults or driver induced errors.

For Sixt 24-hour Roadside Assistance during your rental call 1800 811 506.

Sixt Australia also offers additional Roadside Protection products for purchase at selected locations to cover customers for roadside callouts for at-fault incidents. Where Roadside Protection is available and has been purchased you won't be out of pocket in case of any mishaps on your travels including: lost keys (including replacement cost); keys locked in vehicle, Towing, vehicle's battery is flat (and not due to mechanical fault), the vehicle has run out of fuel or a tyre on the vehicle requires changing or repair (and not due to mechanical fault or fair wear and tear).

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions

Territorial restrictions

Parts of Australia are not suitable for access by rental vehicles. To prevent damage to the vehicle and for your own personal safety we strictly enforce conditions that restrict use of the vehicle in such areas. Unless we have given our prior written consent, you must never take the vehicle:

(a) on any Unsealed Road unless it is a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle which has a transfer case with an independent Low range and Hi range gearing capability and all terrain tyres as confirmed by the hiring location;
(b) in any area above the snow line, where snow chains are required unless you have purchased Snow Pass;
(c) Off road including driving on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers or flood water;
(d) between mainland Australia and Tasmania in either direction;
(e) across state borders into or out of the Northern Territory or Western Australia;
(f) into or out of Weipa (Queensland);
(g) onto any island with the exception of:
- Kangaroo Island
- Stradbroke Island
- Magnetic Island
- Bribie Island
- Phillip Island
- Bruny Island
(h) through any river, stream, creek, tidal crossing, flood water or flood prone road on roads that are otherwise unsafe or closed.

In the Northern Territory, you may not drive the vehicle outside of any town or city limits between sunset and sunrise.
Additional geographical restrictions apply in remote areas of the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.
Please refer to Section 8 of the rental terms which form part of your rental agreement for full details of Restricted Areas. The current standard rental terms can be accessed here:

Road Tolling

Tollaust Pty. Limited (ACN 050 538 693) (Linkt) provides a toll payment facility for payment of tolls incurred when the vehicle is driven on a toll road during your rental of the vehicle.

Linkt will charge you and you must pay for tolls in accordance with the Linkt Terms and Conditions which form part of the Rental Agreement including the following amounts: (a) the amount of any toll incurred; and (b) a service fee of AUD 3.30 (including GST) for each calendar day on which a toll is incurred and charged using the Linkt toll payment facility.

You may use your own tolling tag in the vehicle during the rental period. You are responsible for correctly mounting the tag (no mounting will be provided by Sixt). There is no damage protection for any damage caused by incorrect mounting or installation of any toll tag and you will be responsible for all damage costs we incur. In the event any tag is faulty, is not detected on a toll road or payment using the tag otherwise fails, you may be charged by Linkt in accordance with Linkt Terms and Conditions.

Please do not add the Sixt vehicle to a personal tag account. If you do this, Sixt will not be liable to you in the event you are charged for trips outside of your rental period.


Accessories are bookable without obligation and subject to availability.

One-Way Rentals

If the desired one-way rental is possible, respective charges may apply.

International One-Way Rentals are not allowed.

In the case of unannounced and unauthorised one-way rentals, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee.

Baby seats, child seats and booster seats

Baby seats, child seats and booster seats are available at selected locations subject to a fee and should be booked in advance.

There is a maximum quantity of 3 car seats per rental. If you need more than 2 seats, you may require a larger vehicle, please select the appropriate seat at the time of booking. Baby seats are fitted forward facing, unless you notify otherwise. Please contact us at [email protected] or on SIXT (+61 2 8337 2700) if you would like a rear facing baby seat.

Australian Standards approved baby seats are compulsory in all Australian states for infants under 4 years, while booster seats are compulsory for children up to 7 years. Most child car seats are fitted using the car seat belt and a tether strap that attaches to an anchor point. It is important the seat is appropriate for your baby's age and weight; if your child is over 18kg or taller than 100 centimetres, you may need an approved Child Seat.

(Baby Seat = BS Child Seat = CS Booster Seat = BO)

Navigation system

Navigation systems are available at selected locations subject to a fee.

Additional Driver

A charge is levied for the additional driver. Additional Drivers can be added at any time during your Rental and at any Sixt location if the main driver is present and the additional driver is able to provide a valid drivers license.

Vehicle refueling

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to Sixt, otherwise a special tariff for used fuel will be charged.

If you don't have time to stop for petrol, but don't think you'll be using a full tank, let us fill it up for you. You'll be charged the location's refuelling rate at the time you return your vehicle, so please ask your counter staff upon collection.

Alternatively, to avoid any extra refuelling charges from Sixt, simply make sure you go to a petrol station, just before returning your vehicle to bring it back with a full tank. This will avoid any additional refuelling charges on your rental.

Delivery & Collection

No Delivery/Collection Service is offered.

Other Fees and Taxes

Vehicle License Fee

The vehicle registration recovery fee (VRRF) is applicable for the recovery of costs for registering and licensing the vehicle allocated.

(Vehicle License Fee = VL)

Premium Location Fee

A premium location fee (PLS) occurs for rentals at airport, train stations and premium city locations.

Out Of Hours

After hours return via a drop box key return is available at selected locations with prior approval. Additional charges may apply.

Loss Of Key

A replacement key fee is payable for loss of key, fees vary depending on the vehicle group.

Loss or damage of the charging cable for e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles

In the event of loss or damage of the charging cable for electrical vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, a fee will be charged for the replacement of the cable or damage to the charging units.

Administration Fee For Fines and Infringements

If the renter is charged with traffic or parking fines, or neglects to pay toll roads where applicable during the rental, the renter will be charged an administration fee together with the fee payable to the issuing authority of the fine or toll road.

The renter is liable for payment of all traffic/parking fines and tolls occurring during the rental.

Special cleaning and non-usability of the vehicle

In case the car requires additional cleaning (for example as a result of food, drink and other stains and marks, animal fur, mud, dirt, sand, smoke or tobacco product damage or smell), a cleaning charge will apply and a fee for loss of use.



All rates are inclusive of VAT (if VAT incurs).
For corporate customers with individual agreements alternative prices and regulations can apply.