About our vehicles

Can you guarantee the make and model of the vehicle I prefer?

All vehicles are subject to availability. This means that we can't always guarantee the make or model of the vehicle, as we often have varying models within the same category. Just make sure you ask our friendly counter staff at the time of collection and we'll see what we can do for you.

Can you guarantee a specific colour?

No, unfortunately not. The colour of your vehicle is subject to availability, and while we'll certainly do our best to meet your request however we cannot always not guarantee it. Just make sure you ask our friendly counter staff at the time of collection and we'll see what we can do for you.

Can pets ride in SIXT vehicles?

While we know that our furry friends feel like a part of the family, unfortunately pets (aside from service animals) are not allowed to ride in any SIXT rental vehicles.
If you're moving house and need to bring a pet with you, it's best to ask a family member or friend if they can travel to the location with your pet in a separate car. There are also courier services that can help with the transport of animal companions.
As with returning the vehicle in an untidy state, cleaning fees may apply at the discretion of each SIXT location if pet hair or other material is found in the vehicle.

What fuel do I use for trucks?

The fuel SIXT hire trucks need varies according to the make and model of the vehicle. Most of the rental trucks across our vast fleet run on diesel, but be sure to check with our friendly, expert team as to whether alternative fuel options are available. Never operated a diesel vehicle before? No troubles! We can answer any questions you have about the best way to refuel at the servo when the time comes.

How do I refuel diesel vehicles?

You may be used to driving and refuelling petrol-fuelled vehicles, but the process of refilling a truck that runs on diesel or another type of fuel is different in a few ways. The main difference you will notice is that diesel fuel froths up when you are filling the tank, sometimes causing the pump to click off early. A handy tip from the expert SIXT truck rental team: Lift the nozzle slightly and continue to fill, making sure the fuel gauge shows as full before you finish up. If you still have diesel-related questions that need answering (or even a demonstration), have a chat with the SIXT team at your chosen truck rental pick-up location. They will be happy to get you up to speed with diesel - and get you on the road sooner.

Are trucks waterproof?

Unfortunately, no truck is 100% waterproof – though a number of our rental trucks are well-suited for wet weather! That being said, it's not a bad idea to take some extra precautions to ensure that your load stays safe and dry. Make sure to wrap your cargo in plastic during heavy rain to avoid the possibility of water damage. If you don't have any plastic on you, no worries; SIXT has every base covered with a range of moving accessories to go along with your rental truck. Whether it's plastic, ropes, tape or even moving boxes you need, we've got them on hand at many of our locations. Our aim is to save you time, money and hassle with your truck rental experience.

What can I fit in a truck or van?

This question can be a tricky one, as SIXT's fleet of hire trucks and vans is quite diverse. The best way to know exactly what you can fit in your rental truck or van is to visit your local SIXT location to take a look at your options. As a rough guide, a van may fit a double bed mattress, while a moving truck may fit the contents of a basic two-bedroom unit (excluding the garage). Before choosing your truck or van rental, there are a few things to consider:

  • The internal dimensions of trucks and vans vary among the SIXT fleet. Be sure to check the vehicle details at the time of booking, or talk to our expert team before you hire a moving van or truck.
  • Of course, every job is unique, so please contact your local office with any specific questions you have about what you need to transport.

What is the clearance height of a truck or van?

Clearance heights can be a major source of anxiety for truck drivers, and unfortunately, they are the cause of many avoidable road disasters.
Every truck and van is different, and as with our truck and van interior dimensions, clearance heights across our fleet are not all standard. If you're moving house or apartment and will need to access an underground car park, be sure to check clearance heights with your property manager before hiring a truck.
If you're unsure or have any questions about handling your new truck or van rental, talk to your chosen SIXT location team for specific dimensions of the vehicle. This way, you'll have all of your questions answered well in advance and will feel confident enough to hit the gas the minute you pick up your impressive new rental vehicle.

Do trucks come with a hydraulic lifter?

Not all trucks across our fleet are equipped with a hydraulic lifter as standard. Please be sure to confirm this with the pick-up location when you collect your hire van or truck. If it your hire ute or truck does come with a hydraulic lifter, check its size and weight to make sure you can use the lift for your own specific needs.
If you don't drive or hire trucks regularly, no stress. Just call or visit your local SIXT office and we'll be happy to give you the basic information you need to make your truck or van rental as smooth as possible.

What’s included in a truck or van hire?

When you book your truck or van hire from SIXT, you are paying for rental of purely the vehicle itself. All optional extras and accessories are available for rent or purchase at the time of booking.
However, at SIXT, we pride ourselves on not only having the best fleet of van and truck rentals out there, but also having all the boxes ticked when it comes to optional extras or accessories.
If you are renting a truck to assist with the often-stressful process of moving house, or carrying large amounts of cargo, there's no need to go anywhere else for the bits and bobs you need to secure and move the load.
SIXT has a large range of moving accessories available for rent from many of our pick-up locations, and these items can be booked at the time of booking in your vehicle hire.
Whether it's ropes to secure your load, sturdy moving boxes or tape to keep everything together, our moving accessories for hire can take the stress out of big projects.
We also offer a range of insurance options, but be sure to read the terms and conditions of this cover before purchasing to learn what is and isn't covered by SIXT.

Do I need to clean out the back of a truck or van?

We take pride in our fleet of rental trucks and vans at SIXT, and we strive to ensure any car or truck rental you pick up is clean and tidy. We ask you to help us by returning your vehicle in a similarly tidy state.
In short, yes, you need to make sure that your hire vehicle is returned clean and empty of any rubbish, including pallets and milk crates.
We understand that moving can be a stressful and often messy process, so be sure to save yourself a bit of time at the end of your rental period to bag up rubbish, and if necessary, wipe down and vacuum the interior of the car.
Cars or rental trucks that are returned in a messy state may be subject to a cleaning fee assigned at the discretion of the lending SIXT location.