Charges and payments

How can I pay for my rental?

Payment for rental is required upon collection of your vehicle. SIXT’s preferred method is credit card. Credit cards are accepted nationally. Credit Cards must be bank-issued in the name of the authorised renter, and your credit card details are supplied to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for toll payments.

Debit cards are only accepted at some locations, please check with staff at the location prior to your rental.

Unfortunately, at this time PayWave is not accepted by RMS and a valid credit card is required.  

Will a deposit be required upon collecting my vehicle?

When collecting your vehicle, in addition to paying for your rental, SIXT requires a deposit (as security) to cover any additional charges such as fuel, additional kilometres, and the Damage Recovery Fee (DRF).

Deposits range between $200 and $1100 depending on the vehicle type, pickup location and payment type. Debit Cards are only accepted at select SIXT locations and usually incur a higher deposit.

This charge will be taken and released upon return of the vehicle in alignment with the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Refund into your account may take 3-5 business days of bank processing time to become available.

Please note we do not accept CASH deposits.

The same rules which apply to your rental payment also apply to your deposit - Credit Cards used must be bank-issued in the name of the authorised renter, and the credit card holder must be present at the time of collection. Check with our friendly counter staff at your renting location for more information.  

What credit card can I use?

You can use all the major credit cards and debit cards, providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. It is important to note credit card must be in the name of the authorised renter, be bank-issued, and the credit card holder must be present at time of collection.

Debit cards are only accepted at selected locations.

Please note, payments are subject to a credit card fee to cover merchant costs. The credit card fee will be debited to your credit card when processing payment. The credit fees include GST and are as follows:  

  • Visa / Mastercard Debit Card   0.70%
  • Visa / Mastercard Credit Card  1.10%
  • Diners Card                              3.29%
  • American Express / JCB          3%

What is the credit and debit card surcharge?

Card payments are accepted by all SIXT locations, and are preferred as the most secure & convenient method of payment. Like most other businesses that offer payment by credit and debit card, payments to SIXT are subject to card fees in order to cover our merchant costs.

The following credit and debit card fees apply at SIXT's major locations and include GST. These can vary between locations, so please ensure you check with your rental location prior to pick-up on the applicable costs for this time. Please note, reservation confirmation documents or quotations do not include the card surcharge, as they are applicable at time of payment.

  • Visa / Mastercard   1.10%
  • Diners card             3.29%
  • American Express  3%

When paying by credit or debit card, SIXT only accepts cards which are bank issued, and hold the VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DINERS emblem.

Can I use a credit card up front and then pay for the rental with cash later?

Unfortunately, no. SIXT locations do not accept payment by cash. Our preferred method of payment is credit card.

What is an Infringement?

An infringement is incurred when the Australian road rules are not adhered to. An infringement can be issued for speeding, red light camera, driving in a marked bus/transit lane, failing to adhere to warning lights and bells on a railway crossing, failure to adhere to line markings on the road, littering.

Infringements can also be issued for parking offences– failure to purchase a parking pass/ticket, exceed time limit, not park in direction of traffic, disobey no stopping sign/clearway, park on nature strip. Upon receipt of a parking infringement, if the ticket is not paid prior to the due date SIXT will be issued with a reminder notice and in turn incur SIXT’s administration fee. If you wish to dispute the parking infringement, please contact SIXT to discuss further.  

Will I have anything further to pay on top of my infringement fine?

A further $66.00 administration fee will be charged. For further information, please contact [email protected]

Why do rates change so often?

Vehicle rental pricing, is just like airline pricing. If you book in peak periods, you'll be paying higher prices.
Pricing can also vary from location to location, as it may vary depending on where & what you want to rent. If you're thinking SIXT, it's best to book in advance. That way you'll get the cheapest rate possible for your rental. Don't forget to check out our specials, you'll find some great offers in there for you.  

How is the cost of rental calculated?

Our car rental charges are calculated in periods of 24 hours.

If I’m running late and don’t return in time, will you charge me another 24 hours of rental?

When returning your vehicle, we do allow a 29 minute grace period in the event you're running a little behind. We don't charge for another full day of charges until you are more than three hours late from your set return time.

If you're more than 29 minutes late, but less than two hours late, we charge one third of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your rental agreement.

If you're more than two hours late, but less than three hours late, we charge two thirds of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your rental agreement.

Once you are three hours late, we start charging for a full day of charges, by however many days you are late in returning, beyond the 3 hour period.  

Are there any additional charges to the rental?

Yes - Any additional charges which apply to your rental, such as Young Driver Fee, Premium Location Surcharge, Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), Administration Fees and optional extras are all included in your Quote at the time of booking. Other extras such as Additional Driver Fee or our Pre-paid Fuel service may be selected and added to the rental at the time of vehicle collection.

Where Prepaid fuel is not purchased upon commencement, and the vehicle is not filled up prior to return, the refuelling charge will apply at the completion of your rental.

Fees also apply when paying by credit card, to cover merchant fees.  

What does 'Premium Location Surcharge' mean?

Premium Location Surcharge reflects the additional expense of operating out of Airports and Downtown City locations. The surcharge varies depending on the location of the rental, and may apply to any additional charges incurred at completion of rental. Check with our friendly counter staff at your renting location for more information.

What does ‘Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee’ mean?

This fee covers costs related to vehicle registration and toll registration. The fee is a per day charge and is included in your rental quote.

What currency can I pay in?

All charges and refunds amounts will be in AUD ($). SIXT does not accept responsibility for the fluctuating currency conversion if monies outside of AUD are used.

I have recently had a car rental and require a tax invoice. How can I obtain this?

You can now obtain your tax invoice on our website via Access tax invoices. You should allow up to 14 days after the rental vehicle has been returned before attempting to retrieve your tax invoice. There are some locations in WA and VIC where tax invoices are not available online. You should contact the location you rented from directly to obtain a tax invoice.