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SIXT has you covered for car hire in Portugal, with locations in all important cities and regions, from Lisbon, Porto and Faro, to the Azores and Madeira. We're at all the tourist hubs, like airports, train stations and hotels. You can take full advantage of all our features in the country, especially our affordable prices on luxury vehicles. Our model range is tailored for the narrow streets of some of Portugal's major cities, as is also diverse enough for you to pick up a 4x4 or convertible to driving around the country's coastal or rural areas. 

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SIXT services in Portugal

Take a closer look at the car hire models on offer and you'll find hatchbacks and economical city runarounds, estate cars for cruising, SUVs and 4x4s for families and adventurous types, and convertibles in which you can enjoy the temperate Mediterranean climate of Portugal. With SIXT, car hire in Portugal also assures you of reputable brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. You can book these cars for one-day hire, all the way up to long-term hire for an extended stay. You also choose from a variety of extras, like children's car seats and a sat nav to guide you around the country. 

Good to know when visiting portugal

Under 25 car hire in Portugal

In Portugal you can hire a car as young as 19, though some vehicles may differ, as long as you have held a valid licence for over a year.  

One-way car hire in Portugal

If you’re travelling from one city to another organise a separate drop-off location (fee may apply) a great benefit for longer trips or tricky itineraries. 

Flexible rental options

We provide book now and pay on arrival services with free cancellation, so if you’re planning a trip but things might change simply choose to pay later. 

Driving Tips in Portugal

Children under 150cm may not be in the front and always drive in the right-hand lane, they are also strict about using mobiles while driving. 

Driving requirements

Your UK driving licence continues to be valid for driving in Portugal as a tourist. You may require an International Driving Permit if you have a paper licence.

Crossing Borders

You may cross borders with your Portugal car hire in Europe but please check your itinerary with the branch in case of fees. 

Best places to visit in Portugal

  • Évora: As a world UNESCO Heritage site people flock from all over the world to visit this ancient place filled with structures dating as far back as the 2nd Century. It has retained much of its roots and historical charm with its traditional ways and tasteful market culture.   
  • Obidos: This is one of the oldest cities in the country, where you can walk the centuries-old cobbled streets. It was once a place just for the queens of Portugal but now open to the public its regal structures and famous museums will move any visitor.  
  • Porto: The vibrant city of Porto is for maritime lovers with its incredible waterfront. Tastings at the old local cellars are a treat. The buildings are painted with vibrant colours and it has some of the best seafood restaurants in the country right by its harbour. 


Mark S.

Extremely nice and considerate customer service. Very helpful with the process and providing details related to each option when queried.

Nereo S.

Fantastic team! I take a car in 5 minutes without any booking! I couldn't beleive!!!!

Krzysiek K.

The rental itself went smoothly. A nice lady from Portimaos explained me everything and showed existing damages on the car. But it's hard to find the drop-off location (it's in a hotel and you need to ask at the reception to enter underground parking). I received these instrucitons 20 minutes before drop-off so I didn't have the chance to read the email and lost 30 minutes to find the leave the car :( Apart from that I can recommend this company.

Brian M.

I reserve with SIXT frequently and made a reservation in the app but then started getting nervous reading the negative reviews. If that is you, don't stress...I had the exact opposite experience to those placing negative reviews. The shuttle was waiting at the airport, the lady driving the shuttle was very kind and courteous and when we got to the branch (which is easy walking distance by the way) there were plenty of people working so the wait was short. Cristiana took care of us, explained everything (to include the toll charge system ..definitely take that). She was the most professional and thorough rep we have ever had at a rental agency. Return was easy and no surprises on the bill afterward. Would rent from there again.

Jill P.

Excellent and fast service. We were very happy with our vehicle.

Conor S.

Really nice staff who are under increible pressure these days. Got an upgrade to a really nice car, handover was good, and return was easy and quick. Once you do your research in advance there'll be no surprises. I'll be using them again if I ever return to Faro.

S M.

We rented a car on our honeymoon to travel from Porto to Lisbon and Diana and Mario were wonderful! We highly recommend Sixt! Obrigada!

Alex B.

Perfectly pleasant staff. Pay attention to the car's condition when you pick it up. The Vilamoura office is difficult to find, I only recognised it from the orange Sixt garb worn by the staff, there was no external sign on the office. No-one locally knew of it.

Josh D.

I had a good experience with Sixt here. I've not used them before but found the whole process pretty painless. There was minimal queueing when I got there (though a ticketed queueing system was welcome) and getting into the car was trouble free. My car had some scratches and dinks, and they were all detailed to me and picked up on the other side as existing with no issue. Everybody I dealt with was friendly and the price was decent. No complaints.

Fábio R.

Everything went really smooth and fast. If I get the need to rent a car in the future Sixt will definetly be my first pick.


Had no issues with insurance, cost and car delivery.

Ron M.

Excellent service, quick check-in.

Maxwell T.

30 minute wait or so but the car I ordered was available and clean. Return was stress free and there were no additional charges

Graeme S.

Update: I have edited this review as following my complaint to Sixt and posting this review (with a one star rating), they have emailed me to say they will reimburse my fuel charge as a goodwill gesture. That is proper customer service and I have increased my review rating accordingly. Could have all been avoided though by better staff training/communication. My earlier comments below:


‘See review below. EXACTLY the same thing happened to me last month. Told by the person at reception that unused fuel would be re-imbursed. When I returned the car to check in I was told by the guy there that I would only get reimbursed if the tank was full. So I duly went and filled up at the Cepsa garage just outside the airport. Check in guy duly recorded that the tank was full and said I would be re-imbursed within three working days. What actually happened was that 75 euros was debited from my credit card and when I complained to SIXT was told that I had signed a 'binding contract' to return the car empty and that no reimbursement will happen’


Максим Холод

Local Guide·45 reviews


3 weeks ago NEW

Be careful, Sixt is no better to any low cost car rentals in terms of tricking you to pay more money. A consultant from this branch added prepaid full option without asking me. When I asked about this additional 75 EUR in the rental agreement and asked directly “if I return the car with not an empty tank will I get the money back” she answered “yes of course, you will only be charged with the fuel we need to add to the full tank”. I always prefer full to full policy but was tired after an early flight so decided not to argue. I returned the car with 5/8 of fuel and week after I received an invoice with the full amount of 75 eur charged from me. When I asked the support about that they answered that I agreed to the prepaid fuel option and that’s how it works, there is no refund for unused full. So I just made a gift of smth about 50 eur to Sixt, which to me looks like stealing. The option was pushed towards me and the consultant lied about how it works and now they are jus like “you should have read the terms and conditions better”. Worst renting experience ever

Lucie G.

Five stars especially for Diana for her contagious good mood

Gloria G.

I have just completed a reservation with CARLA FARIA and she was excellent to deal with. I will pick up my car tomorrow at the Lisbon Airport and looking forward to the Same EXCELLENT Service.

Daniela P.

I was very happy with Sixt service. Just for a little bit of context, my 12/05/22 flight had been so delayed that I arrived at Lisbon airport at 2 am (13/5/22). Rental cars were closed already. I had initially a booking with another car rental, GOLDCAR, (all paid for in advance) and even though I kept them in the loop about the delay of the flight, after 5 long hours of wait in the airport for the rental-car to open they wanted to charge me a new booking because they considered me as a "no show", despite the communication we maintained. This new booking came at a price of 419€!! More than the double I had paid initially. I could not afford that. A 2:30 hour flight turned into a 14 hours nightmare. I went to Sixt and I should commend Fábio Fernandes, the only person who's shown some empathy for my situation. I managed to get a similar car to what I had previously booked for 179€! Everything about Sixt was smooth, including dropping off the car. Sixt will most likely became my car rental company to go for. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Arista G.

Experience was positive. Rented a car for a week - the check in process was long because their system was down, but staff tried their best to speed up the process. Overall, everything was smooth and they offered a fair price.

M L.

We waited an hour to get our car, they did a free upgrade for us which were nice. After reading the comments, I bought the full insurance 37 euro per day so I don't need to deal with all the charge after (especially when they gave us a mercedes). Will wait for final bill (2 weeks from now) and complete my review after!

Luca L.

Excellent, excellent service. Even though the reservation system was down, the employees remained calm and handled it perfectly. Check out and check in went very smoothly. By far the best car rental experience I have ever had. Big compliments to the employees.



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