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Sixt's car hire in Pula is designed to make your trip run as smoothly as possible. With one branch at the airport and another just 10 minutes from the city centre, our locations are conveniently located for when you need to hire a car in Pula. Both branches are close to major attractions in the city, as well as the beautiful coastline.


Car hire in Pula, Croatia with Sixt

For more information on each car rental branch in Pula, simply click on the map tab. The branches in Pula are open 7 days a week and on bank holidays, with the airport branch opening at 7.00 am and closing at 10.00pm, and the sister branch in the south of the city opening at 8.00am and closing at 8.00pm. Plus, both have 24-hour returns. There are a range of modern, affordable rental cars on offer at both branches, from estates to convertibles, and even 4x4s. It's important to note that while we can always ensure the vehicle class, it's not possible to guarantee the exact vehicle model. Our price comparison service allows you to get the best deal, and you can book via our app or website, or by calling a member of our experienced team. When making an online reservation, you can select a hire period and vehicle class in minutes.

Car hire in Pula, Croatia with Sixt
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Distance to Pula Amphitheatre

Distance to Pula Amphitheatre

  • From Pula Airport: 4.4 miles, about 11 minutes
  • From Pula city centre: 1.1 miles, about 7 minutes

The Benazic Winery is located just outside the city centre, only a short drive from both Sixt locations. It's a haven for wine-lovers, with a delicious range of wine to try, as well as brandy and local delicacies such as cheese and olive oil. This family-run business has won plenty of awards and is a relaxing spot to spend a weekend afternoon, offering a calm and cool haven away from the tourist areas of Pula.

Distance to The Benazic Winery

Distance to The Benazic Winery

  • From Pula Airport: 5.8 miles, about 12 minutes
  • From Pula city centre: 2.2 miles, about 9 minutes

Pula Castle Kastel is a beautiful, ancient structure that's less than 15 minutes' drive from the airport. This square fortress was built in the 1600s, and today is the cultural hub of the city. It is home to the Historical Museum of Istria which has lots of fascinating items and exhibits on display, and also plays host to fun events like music concerts and festivals.

Distance to Pula Castle Kastel

Distance to Pula Castle Kastel

  • From Pula Airport: 1.2 miles, about 6 minutes
  • From Pula city centre: 4.9 miles, about 13 minutes

Business Destinations

Uljanik Shipyard is an important industrial site that sits on the city's coast. With over 4,000 employees this shipbuilding corporation is one of the biggest employers in the area, and they regularly develop new and innovative technologies that are used around the world.

Distance to Uljanik Shipyard

Distance to Uljanik Shipyard

  • From Pula Airport: 5 miles, about 12 minutes
  • From Pula city centre: 0.4 miles, about 2 minutes

The tourist industry is thriving in Pula, and the Arenaturist group is right at the forefront of this growth. A hotel chain with over 27 properties and 10,000 rooms, their headquarters are in the centre of the city. Their hotels can be found all over Central and Eastern Europe.

Distance to the Arenaturist headquarters

Distance to the Arenaturist headquarters

  • From Pula Airport: 8.2 miles, about 18 minutes
  • From Pula city centre: 6 miles, about 16 minutes


Stephen Nguyen (.

Quick process to checkin and leave car. The lady at the counter was very nice. We rented car in Rovinj and dropped off in Pula. No hiccups or trouble. Thanks.

Jessica Kate T.

We had a really great experience with Sixt. I had read quite a few negative reviews (and many negative reviews about hiring a car in Croatia with any provider) so I was quite nervous about it all but it went smoothly no issues. We hired an automatic car with Sixt quite last minute so it was really expensive but we knew that going into things. I also went over all the T&Cs on their website so I was aware that they take a €1200 deposit in addition to the hire charge (some people seem to have hired without realising this). We booked the Sixt insurance option that gave us an excess of €825 and then we took out personal travel insurance from a provider in the UK that covered any car hire excess. We didn't take our tyre and windscreen insurance but that would also have been covered under our personal travel insurance. We felt that the Sixt prices for a zero excess and the tyre/windscreen was just too much more expense for us.


The check in process was super easy. We were given an itemised bill at the airport and Sixt added on roughly €65 for refueling the car on drop-off. I was told that there wasn't a gas station near to the airport but if we did bring it back full then they would remove the charge. I also made sure to tell them that we were going to be taking a ferry during our trip, so they added on the extra charge for that (it's a small fee applied for the whole rental per day but I had read about it in their T&Cs so was aware of it). When we got the car we were realllllllllly pedantic with checking it over and noting any marks/scratches/dents and making sure Sixt recorded them which they did. We also took photos of all the marks ourselves and took a photo of the inside mileage/fuel before we took off.


The car was excellent. It was a newer car, super clean, barely any mileage on it and drove great. We Googled and found a gas station 7km north of the airport so on our way back we refuelled the car as much as possible and then just cruised in eco mode down to the airport. The fuel registered a fuel tank :)


When we brought the car back to the airport we just drove to the same spot we picked up and the staff got us to park it and checked it over. We made sure to tell them the tank was full and to remove the refuelling charge they had added. Then we went into the office and got our final bill within a couple of minutes and it was all done.


Checked my credit card when we got home and the deposit has been removed and all is good. So we were a bit paranoid but all went well and we were really pleased with the service! I think going into any car hire with caution and properly reading the T&Cs will prevent a lot of issues for people.

Sue C.

Excellent service and great price .Very professional and smooth process of pick and drop off. Had a gorgeous new blue cinque cento fiat which was a joy to drive . Friendly team always use price comparison site when booking but would love to use this company again. Thank you !😀😎

Pieter V.

Great service and flexibility in a difficult situation.

Matthew O.

Managed to get a great deal with Sixt through a comparison site. I was cautious about their service given past reviews. Check out and check in was fine, no silly challenges or charges. Received a week old vehicle also with zero damage. Would definitely use again.

Ilya M.

They charge a little bit more, but service and cars quality a better. Recommend.



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